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Back from Australia and New Zealand / Späť z Austrálie a Nového Zélandu

Tagged with: — ondrej at 5:10 pm on Saturday, December 23, 2006

I am at home already two weeks, but I did not have time to add any new post here. I was really tired first week, I slept everywhere. And the last week… I tried to pick out the best photos… and preparing xmas presents, of course :)
(There is more where this came from … )

Trip to Australia and New Zealand / Cesta do Australie a Nového Zélandu

Tagged with: — ondrej at 11:05 am on Friday, November 3, 2006

Yeah, we are leaving in 30 minutes :) 4 weeks in Australia and one week in New Zealand. I hope I will have time to upload some photos and write a few lines about our trip.

See you soon :)

Heh, o 30 minút odchádzame :) 4 týždne v Austrálii a jeden na Novom Zélande. Dúdam, že budem mať čas dať na web zopár fotiek a napísať pár riadkov z našej cesty.

Tak čoskoro :)

Broken Notebook

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My notebook… well, actually it is a company notebook, but I have used it for two and half years, so… my :) notebook is broken.
It starts for a few seconds, then it restarts and freezes… Arrrrrgh…

It is.. was an Acer notebook (TravelMate 800), the cover was falling a part ;), but inside it was fine and I was really satisfied with it (dvd burner, 1gb ram, etc.). Ah, yeah, labels of keys were disappearing, so it was quite difficult for anybody else to distinguish between Ctrl, Alt, Win and Fn keys :)
(There is more where this came from … )

Vyrašenie / Sprouting

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Buk práve vyrašil.
The beech has just sprouted.