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Broken Notebook

Tagged with: — ondrej at 1:39 am on Thursday, August 17, 2006

My notebook… well, actually it is a company notebook, but I have used it for two and half years, so… my :) notebook is broken.
It starts for a few seconds, then it restarts and freezes… Arrrrrgh…

It is.. was an Acer notebook (TravelMate 800), the cover was falling a part ;), but inside it was fine and I was really satisfied with it (dvd burner, 1gb ram, etc.). Ah, yeah, labels of keys were disappearing, so it was quite difficult for anybody else to distinguish between Ctrl, Alt, Win and Fn keys :)

To back-up all things was quite easy — several tar cf calls. What I really like, how it is easy to move to another computer, when all your settings are stored in dot directories. I am not even trying to imagine how I would do it with a Windows computer.

It would be perfect, if it is possible to move to another Gentoo installation (yeah, copy your world file too and all your favourite applications are with you in few hours… days ;), but it is not.
At work I have a desktop computer with already installed Ubuntu distibution and at home I installed Kubuntu on an older computer — I needed to setup it in a few hours and I said to myself it is a good chance to try another distrubution.

Maybe it is more difficult to install Gentoo, but definitely it is much easier to use it. No mplayer, Flash without fonts, a horrible installation of Rails, annoying sudo (my favourite command is sudo sh :) vs. emerge mplayer, emerge rails and a real root account.

My next distribution on the repaired (I had to erase the whole harddrive) or a new notebook? Gentoo! :)

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commercial break :)

Make an account on -- a really good hosting where you have your own virtual machine. I installed Gentoo there = I like it very much ;)