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Favourite OS X applications 2009

Tagged with: — ondrej at 1:36 am on Sunday, October 18, 2009

Recently I updated to the Snow Leopard, but I decided for a clean install (of course, again the last one).
I saved a list of all installed applications
ls -1 /Applications/ > my_apps.txt
in order not to forget what I used last week :) ..and here are the favourite ones:

Caffeine Caffeine, as a tiny coffee cup in the menu bar, keeps your Mac awake – no screen savers, screen dimming or sleeping – very useful during presentations, e.g. photos.
Adium Adium, an instant messaging application for Jabber, ICQ and many others. Easy to use, configurable, perfect.
Skype Skype, well known messaging and calling application.
Unarchiver Unarchiver, opens various archives, but also supports password protected ones (not supported in the default Archive Utility).
Quicksilver Quicksilver is an application similar to Spotlight, but with (different) useful features.
iTerm iTerm a terminal with advanced features – my favourite one is the automatic text copy by selecting it. Yeah, I miss two clipboards from Linux.
Growl Growl is not an application that would be used directly. Rather I would call it a library that provides an unified and not intrusive way to show notifications of other applications.
iSync iSync support for Nokia phones – if you own a Nokia mobile phone and would like to synchronise its content with your Mac (and other devices such as iPod).
MacPorts MacPorts is a system that makes much easier to install open-source applications. I use it for managing command line tools (e.g. jhead) or my Ruby environment.
AppCleaner AppCleaner for uninstalling applications.
glims glims is a set of interesting features and improvements for Safari.
OpenOffice OpenOffice, a bundle of office application – word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, etc.
Transmission Transmission. Torrents? Transmission!
VLC VLC is a lighter, easy to use, stops-on-space and many comfortable features.. video (and audio) player.

Enjoy :)

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