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Preparing photos for a web photo album

Tagged with: — ondrej at 12:02 am on Monday, October 30, 2006

A few tips how to prepare photos for a web photo album:

  1. Make a copy of the picture that you would like to have on web. The following steps include instructions that will irreversibly change your photos.
  2. Rotate them correctly. A lot of cameras writes an information about the rotation into the header of a image file (one of the EXIF values). Unfortunately not all web albums can recognise this information correctly.
    Install the jhead application and type this:

    1. jhead -autorot photo.jpg
  3. Remove unnecessary data. My Canon camera saves also a thumbnail of the photo into the image file, that is cca 10kB. It is completely useless for a web album (it will create its own thumbnails anyway).
    It is easy to remove it with the jhead application:

    1. jhead -dt photo.jpg

    Of course, the first and the second step can be done together for all your pictures:

    1. jhead -dt -autorot *
  4. Reduce the resolution. If you do not need to publish your photos in the full resolution (no, you do not need, indeed ;), it is a good idea to reduce the resolution to save visitor’s time and bandwidth.
    I like the mogrify application from the ImageMagick package. The following line reduces the resolution to 1024×768 and reduces the JPEG quality to 70%:


    Do not worry about rotated photos, mogrify will handle them correctly.

Well, your photos (as image files) are ready for your web album :)

For the SimpleViewer Flash album viewer I make a copy of image files to the thumbs directory and use the following command to make thumbnails:

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